Reflection: Loren and Hanna

Reflection: Loren and Hanna, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings
Reflection: Loren and Hanna

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings (Chalk/Charcoal)   16.25 x 26 x 1   $2,500.00   

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Artist's Statement
My artwork was inspired by my friendship with Hanna. I draw her as a mirror image to myself and we are united by our pearl necklace. I wanted to create a sense of sisterhood and the gentle presence of an internal feminine strength. It is important to me that my work consists of showcasing diversity and highlighting the beauty in our differences specifically with the female figure. I use gold leaf, with reference to Italian Byzantine Era Iconography, to enhance this mood. By using powder charcoal, I erase the dust and watch myself and Hanna emerge. Through this process and subject material, I create my own sacred, modern female icons.
Loren Marie
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