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Unholy Grails and Zero Degrees

Unholy Grails and Zero Degrees, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings
Unholy Grails and Zero Degrees

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Acrylic)    24 x 20 x 2.5    $1,750.00   

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Artist's Statement
Grappling with our fraught relationship to the built environment, Unholy Grails and Zero Degrees examines how space is materialized, organized, and made to mean. Mining sites that she encounters online and in the everyday, Jordan Holms's painting unsettles the prescribed distinctions between space and place. Holms’s work often takes into account objects that are coded in ways that produce space: decorative moldings; cement barricades; period furniture; wire fences; wallpaper; traffic signs; upholstery; pylons; venetian blinds. The things we find in our homes and out in the built environment that signal something about how that space makes meaning. In order to arrive at more nuanced definitions of space, Holms translates the associative properties of these materials – their colors, shapes, and textures – into abstract planes and forms. 
Jordan Holms
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