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Spring Explosion

Spring Explosion, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings
Spring Explosion

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)    28.5 x 40.5 x 1    $3,600.00   

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Artist's Statement

Like Georgia O’Keefe, I have always been drawn to flowers: their breathtaking color and infinite variety inspire me. Flowers are ephemeral by their very nature, yet by capturing them in paint on canvas I can preserve them for generations to come.

I take inspiration from the many photographs of flowers that I take on my travels, as well as the tulips and daffodils that grow in my garden. Putting together a bouquet of these blooms, I created the subject matter for “Spring Explosion”. I have for many years been enamored with the floral paintings of the 17th century.

Picking up my paint brush, awareness of everything around me disappears. Time stands still as my eye evaluates shape, color, depth, light and shadow. As I paint I listen to classical music, and I see flowers as beautiful dancers. Against a dark background they twist and turn, flashing in the sunlight.
Margery Hume Ammon
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