Human Life

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Human Life

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Prints (Woodcut)   48 x 24 x 1   $2,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
I have been interested in the concept of "yin" and "yang," dual opposing energies or forces, in East Asian philosophy. This work describes philosophical principles within the human figures. The various poses of the human figures exhibit shared emotions like joy, anger, sadness and happiness that are derived from "yin" and "yang" principles. Although all beings can be categorized into these two opposite elements, the two, I believe, are meant to be evolved into one.

The raised engraved area represents the concept of "yang," and the recessed area as "yin" in East Asian print making. When printed, interestingly, the result is opposite on paper. In printmaking as well as in philosophy, "yin" can become "yang" and vice versa. In this work, I used a special technique of applying several layers of mulberry paper and pounding after printing, which results to be the woodcut print relief.
Sehyoon David Choi
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