Salvare Siblings

Salvare Siblings, Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art
Salvare Siblings

Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art (Wood)   11 x 30 x 30   $6,999.00   

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Artist's Statement
The vision for Salvare Siblings started in an arborist’s pile of logs that were about to be thrown into a chipper. In the middle was an old weathered trunk, silvered from years facing the elements and clearly no longer a vibrant tree. Given its age and condition, the tree was removed from the garden because it could no longer stand on its own.

Having worked with wood for years, this history can produce the most stunning pieces of art. The natural forces of nature over time can create amazing color, grain pattern, figure and chatoyance that are not found in young healthy trees.

Salvare Siblings celebrates the beautiful character beneath a flawed veneer or first impression. I encourage the viewer to explore what may look imperfect and to find the unique history and rich path of life experiences that may actually be something to behold.
John Cobb
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