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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Acrylic)    59 x 76 x 1.5    $9,700.00   

Artwork #
Artist's Statement
We are each more than a singular life. We are of every human story and civilization that preceded us. At the levels of our unconscious and epigenetic makeups, we are connected to the collective present and past—across time, geography, race, and culture. My paint-language is the encrypted iconography of this “of-ness”. Our future will one day be read as the fossils, art, and expressions of civilization's past. The highest purpose we can serve in our present temporal iterations is to unite humanity, so that which is vital to all humans and all sentient beings, especially our environment, will remain in perpetuity.
Ardith Plimack
Contact Information
415-713-8051, @ardithartist@instagram