Harm to Ongoing Matter (The Mueller Report)

Harm to Ongoing Matter (The Mueller Report), Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings
Harm to Ongoing Matter (The Mueller Report)

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings (Ink/Ink Wash)   30 x 54 x 1   $3,000.00   

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When the heavily redacted Mueller report was first released, Attorney General Bill Barr had already mischaracterized the report, misleading the public as to its’ findings and over the last year, attempted to throw out court cases that have stemmed from the probe (Flynn being just one). The meaning of “Harm to Ongoing Matter” will evolve over time, as the reading will change depending on what we will eventually learn. These documents were a ‘Rule of Law’ attempt at saving our democracy. Let these charred reports and indictments be a reminder to future generations that the Rule of Law might not always save us.
Kathryn Clark
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