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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Acrylic)    40 x 39.75 x 1.75    $4,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
My art is a warrior’s battle cry to tear into the delusion of our separateness, to band together and righteously honor the universality we are all made of. From where we descend. My layered graffiti contains shadows and symbols of past and present archetypal characters. These tribal expressions represent genocides and fallen cultures of past civilizations and iterations of ourselves, as well as the oceans we inherited and which we are destroying. Each culture that was colonized, conquered and usurped, are inspirational foundations for the new ones containing their soulful spirit. This responsibility belongs to humanity—we have a possibility, and indeed, a mandate, to psychically and artfully manifest a better, more inclusive and sustainable future.
Ardith Plimack
Contact Information
415-713-8051, @ardithartist@instagram