Justice for Floyd

Justice for Floyd, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography
Justice for Floyd

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Digital C-Print)   24 x 24 x 1.5   $750.00   

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Black Americans murders by the police forces is a longstanding issue. Early 2020, the Covid 19 pandemics obliged the population, at large, to be confined at home, and triggers an economic crisis. On May 25th, George Floyd, 47, is murdered by a policeman who knelt on his neck. The trapped population erupts in the streets. A massive and overall peaceful revolt where all citizens of all ages and races unite, reclaim drastic changes in the Police and justice. At that time, I was staying in the mountains, but was tuned to the news flooded with images of protests. Those that shook me most were with fire, the Youths, the masks. I combined some around an almost monochromatic white central image: a young black man walks in front of a line of policemen, with his arms opened, looking like a peace symbol in the firry chaos.
C├ęcile Chalouni
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