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MENDACIA RIDICULA (The Wheel of Ixion)

MENDACIA RIDICULA (The Wheel of Ixion), Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Prints
MENDACIA RIDICULA (The Wheel of Ixion)

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Prints (Etching)    14 x 14.75 x 1    $540.00   

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Artist's Statement
This is the last in a series of four etchings based on the four engravings by the 16th century Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius, The Four Disgracers, which were actually based on earlier paintings by Cornelis van Haarlem. While ostensibly concerned with the Greek mythological figure Ixion, Goltzius used the myth to comment on the contemporary political situation facing his country, i.e. the tyranny and attempted subjugation by Phillip II of Spain, resulting in the loss of over 100,000 lives. I have followed suit. While this etching was created in 2018, in view of the current attitudes projected from on high, it seems more frighteningly timely than ever. Mendacia ridicula refers to an obscure category of literature having to do with the outrageous lies of characters such as Baron von Munchausen, or those found in the tales of Lucian.
David Avery
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