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Artifice to the Sublime

Artifice to the Sublime, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings
Artifice to the Sublime

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings (Graphite/Pencil/Colored Pencil)    67 x 40 x 1    $6,500.00   

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Artist's Statement
The complex patchwork of urban elements in my immediate surroundings holds tremendous fascination for me. I am particularly struck by the ironies and paradoxes found in both the micro and macro world that surrounds us. Moving to the Bay Area in 2007, after twenty-five plus years in the museum profession, I rejuvenated my career as a professional artist igniting a passion to re-draw my personal world. For me, drawing with a pencil and an eraser is a more suggestive and evocative form of color.
I have created a series of drawings of Bart passengers carving out the safe space for their journey. In Artifice to the Sublime, the artist is represented by the pencil in his hand, scheming to portray a portrait of two disengaged young adults, buttressing a paradoxical view of an elderly man, sitting beneath a printed image of idyllic beauty, possibly pondering a lost opportunity or gazing curiously at the presence of the viewer/artist.
Ric Ambrose
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