Magritte's Window

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Magritte's Window

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Chromogenic)   20.5 x 17 x 1.75   $1,200.00   

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Artist’s Statement for the De Young Open

Torryne Choate
Magritte’s Window
ID# 2 195

This work is in response to place. The remote and distant location had a profound effect on me. I began working without realizing my direction. Most days were spent on solitary walks across the desert landscape, observing the vast sky and discovering abandoned homestead cabins. I began intuitively gathering pieces of sun scorched desert detritus and bringing them back to my rental home.

The solitude had the effect of heightening my intuition and each day became an improvisational collaboration between myself and the Universe. Nothing was premeditated, and I loved the idea that my photographic vantage points were not solely determined by myself- they were predetermined by others, years earlier, and patiently waited for me to discover them.

Timing is everything as they say. My original ten day trip turned into two solitary months in the High Desert. I discovered that there are many ways to be alone.
Torryne Choate
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