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Improv Mosaic

Improv Mosaic, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber
Improv Mosaic

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber (Cotton)    54 x 54 x 0.5    $4,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
Using a variation on a traditional log-cabin quilt block and small solid fabric scraps recycled from other projects, I created an improvisational quilt with pulsing energy, color and movement for the viewer. With the self-imposed parameter to limit block sizes to 9, 6 and 3 inches, each block is created using as much variety in color and “wonky” size contrast as possible to create blocks that pop and move. The improvisational nature is furthered by a random puzzle-piece layout. My passion in the fiber art of quilting is utilizing bright and vivid color and shapes to create an immersive polychromatic experience.
Lorraine Woodruff-Long
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