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Corona Declared a Pandemic

Corona Declared a Pandemic, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings
Corona Declared a Pandemic

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Acrylic)    48 x 48 x 2    $4,608.00   

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Artist's Statement
The manner in which this country responded to COVID-19 inspired me to create a visual statement. The pandemic exposed how essential non-essential workers are and how most of us live a life hung with one tread while the rich remain mostly rich despite the circumstances. Sadly, over 205000 have perished and most surviving are financially ruined. If there is a lesson to learn from this crisis is not to want to go back to what was normal. The quarantine should have given us all the time and opportunity to think of our lives beyond today and not be blind-sided again by temporary pleasures we are offered for distraction.

It is time to collectively demand the fair share of wealth; wages that allow saving for a rainy day, affordable health and affordable living, else the greed will return faster than we think and we all be deemed non-essential again!

Hadi Aghaee
Hadi Aghaee
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