The Art of Gazing

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The Art of Gazing

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings (Graphite/Pencil/Colored Pencil)   38 x 107 x 2   $7,500.00   

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The Art of Gazing
I have always been attracted a world depicted in black and white due in part to my quirky memories of growing up in small industrial Pennsylvania town, constantly gazing out of my third floor bedroom window overlooking a colorless landscape of slate roof tops and coal-fired smoke punctuated by cathedral-like steel mills and bell towers. My panoramic drawings are a compilation of disparate images stitched together and interwoven much like reconstructing a memory or a recollected experience.
I am intrigued by interior moments including the observation of gallery or museum visitors reacting to art. On a visit with my children to SFMOMA. I compiled a series of images and recomposed a tableau of anonymous visitors navigating the great halls, engaging with the artwork. In The Art of Gazing, their interaction with each other was far more fascinating to me than their interaction with the artwork itself.
Ric Ambrose
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