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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Other)   27.25 x 27 x 1.5   $3,200.00   

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Artist's Statement
The still life entitled "Pearilous" is a play on words speaking to the nature of the times we are living in with both the virus and the turmoil about representation and justice in our society. The medium is transparent watercolor which also speaks to the need for transparency in society.

My process uses layers of transparent watercolor to achieve very saturated colors while allowing the light of the paper to shine through. I also like using glass in my images which shows how easily things can become distorted. I feel that I am minutely examining a specific moment in time and inviting the viewer to see things through my eyes.

During this time of conflict and partisan division, I feel it is more important than ever for the arts to help bridge differing viewpoints and create a shared experience. Ultimately, the arts affirm that despite the many challenges we face, there is still beauty in the world.
Sally Baker
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