Quilt of Two Men

Quilt of Two Men, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber
Quilt of Two Men

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber (Cotton)   33 x 41 x 0.5   $2,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
This piece is part of an ongoing investigation into queer textiles and how a gay man can navigates spaces which have been historically female without colonizing the space or erasing their voices. How does one create work within textiles and quilting which is specific to the gay man? We see two men; muscular, shirtless, and beneath a disco ball. Maybe the embrace is violent, or maybe it is familiar. Its unclear from the moment. The question of 'will they' (or 'are they') has historically allowed queer work to hide in plain sight.
The use of grids in quilt layouts is well established and as a modernization of this tradition, I have turned to the pixel. The image is pixelated which both obfuscates the image as well as nods to the connection between gay erotica and the internet. The mixed messages of pixelation have been an ongoing fascination within my work.
Greg Climer
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