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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Digital C-Print)   19 x 24 x 1   $300.00   

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It was the early days of the shutdown. My world was more confined, but there were still things to see. I set out to witness, to remember. I drove around downtown Oakland. There were few cars, fewer people. Trash rolled in the street like tumbleweed. The Fox Theater marquee cheerily advised: “STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY! BACK SOON!” Then, we all naively believed the crisis would be short-lived. I waited across the street for that right moment to take the shot— the one that would best express the disequilibrium I felt. After a time, this man strolled past. His life was hardly safe before. It was even less safe now. I chose greyscale so as not to detract. To let you see as I did.
Judith E. Ganz
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