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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)   72 x 48 x 1   $1,200.00   

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Artist's Statement
Charlotte is one of the figures I invented through a process of visceral-psychological mining of my most complex experiences of being a woman. The figures were originally conjured through cut and assembled magazine, book and internet imagery. When I re-create them in paint, I meditate on these complex experiences—of becoming a woman, of experiencing hunger, of being desired, of being exploited, of being abhorred, of transforming, of creating life, of aging. The figures are born as embodiments of layered emotions and sensations. Lived experience sculpts, transforms and re-births the female body. Culture and personal history gives color and texture to experience. The figures repose, writhe or dance on plain white backgrounds reminiscent of hospital beds or photographer’s seamless background paper—the dangerous myth of neutrality.
Nicole Rose Gelormino
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