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Gravitas: Study

Gravitas: Study, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings
Gravitas: Study

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)    18 x 36 x 1.5    $2,500.00   

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Artist's Statement
“Gravitas” is defined as gravity; a seriousness; the solemnity of life: at times dark and heavy, burdened and anxious. The Monterey cypress branch illustrates that ponderous weight—whether in the political climate, or in climate change. Yet, as in life, there is a juxtaposition. Surrounding this weightiness is a backdrop of an illuminated landscape exhibiting an immense, boundless clarity, and awe. Gravitas is also defined as resoluteness and enthrallment. A landscape painting, in this instance, may be a vantage point or focus for meditation and resolve. Viewers of this painting sometimes ask what cause me to place a centered, hanging tree branch coming down from the top. This is the beauty of a fresh, new view of things. I have all the elements of landscape in this composition; but it causes us to rethink, and see these typical ingredients in a new, spiritual light. I believe this is what landscape painting should do. Therefore, I will continue to take down the visual notation that Nature gives me.
Brooks Anderson
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