Winding and Unwinding—8

Winding and Unwinding—8, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber
Winding and Unwinding—8

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Fiber (Silk)   42 x 37 x 2.5   $7,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
For the past 5 years, I have been using remnant silk-thread sourced directly from the Sari Looms of weaver communities during my annual trips to Eastern India to echo the spinning of my Indian ancestors. With each tube representing a day, my “Winding and Unwinding” Series was created to encourage the act of remembering, therefore re-living connecting past and present. The suggested lines capture my memories of the fabric of the saris as well as the essences of their unique patterns. It is my intention that the meditative process that creates each fiber work conveys a contemplative and grounding experience for the viewer. With celebratory origins of Indian weddings and festivals, my color and material selections are intended to arise uplifting emotions. The gold thread in particular serves as a continuum in material and color to elements of my Indian heritage.
Uma Rani Iyli
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