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Rubber, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Drawings (Marker/Porous-Tip Pen)    20.875 x 16.875 x 1    $400.00   

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Artist's Statement
Rubber is the contemporary pictorial synthesis of computational art, mechanized production, and human ingenuity where for the first time, digital fabrication allows both the individual artist and the machine to be both at the center of life and art and helps define what art is in a post-industrialized post-AI society. Geoffrey Bradway is at the vanguard of this movement, and his revolutionary style led him to be one of the first artists to abandon a completely digital or material approach in favor of a synthesis of both, known as Cybernetic Art. Yet for all it embodies of the contemporary landscape, the drawing captures a deeper aesthetic meaning with its slick metallic texture overlaid on an abstract geometry which forces the viewer to confront artificial art in the 21st century.
Geoffrey Bradway
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