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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)   30 x 40 x 2   $1,500.00   

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Artist's Statement
My artwork focuses on anxiety, trauma, and resilience. Tangled elements, such as cords, yarn, and seaweed serve as metaphors for different states of mind, and invite the viewer to contemplate our common struggles.The act of physically creating the tangles is cathartic for me, knowing they will never be solved and letting them go.
The term Correlation refers to its use in psychological research, where one variable affects the other, and it reminded me of the unique bond two young women can have, where one affects the other very deeply. It’s about navigating what it means to be a womxn in the world, with all the pain and difficulty that comes with that, and the beauty of the psychological space between them. The ribbon represents the process of untangling the world’s idea of “femininity”.
Anne Garvey
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