Reticular Formation

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Reticular Formation

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)   36 x 24 x 2   $1,200.00   

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Artist's Statement
My artwork focuses on anxiety, trauma, and resilience. Tangled elements, such as cords, yarn, and seaweed serve to represent different states of mind, and invite the viewer to contemplate our common struggles. Although the subject matter often stems from feelings of helplessness, I see the instinctual, human desire to problem-solve as a beautiful thing, regardless of our inability to have all the answers.
Reticular Formation refers to the net-like structure in the brain controlling consciousness. The wire fence is a metaphor for how our minds create barriers that keep us trapped but simultaneously add a layer of safety and comfort. Behind this thin barrier, the subject has her back turned, barefoot and vulnerable. Recently, these thoughts continue to take on new meanings and intensities as we all develop new ways to cope with the uncertainties of our worlds, both internally and externally.
Anne Garvey
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