Reconnoitering Deception Pass

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Reconnoitering Deception Pass

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Oil)   40 x 50 x 2   $7,500.00   

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Artist's Statement
As in much of my work, "Reconnoitering Deception Pass" (40 x 50) began as no particular place. However in this case, it evolved into a real place—a place that I visited in the Pacific Northwest. I treat the landscape as if it were a stage for site-specific events. I am in constant awe of the natural world and try to express this feeling in my art. Surreal? Not really, as the events depicted could actually take place. They are not hallucinatory, as with much surrealism. However, there is a sense of mystery, just like reality itself!

There are incongruous juxtapositions: a contemporary laptop computer at the feet of the central character who is using a vintage surveyor’s scope. A drone, a plane and a weather balloon float in the sky. A small fire burns in the distance while figures are ascending / or descending a cliff. There is a kind of visual non-sequitur about much of what I do—A narrative that asks us to consider the strange world around us.
Thomas Gehrig
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