Christianson Farm, December 2017

Christianson Farm, December 2017, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography
Christianson Farm, December 2017

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Digital C-Print)   25 x 31 x 1.75   $1,200.00   

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Artist's Statement
In 2006, I began documenting my family's four-generation farm in eastern North Dakota. These images would eventually become my first book, "Homeplace" (Daylight Books, 2013). The questions I raised in that project, concerning the future of the farm, have now been answered over a decade later. After the sudden death of my grandmother in 2017, I lost a major touchstone in my life, and my parents felt released from an obligation. They quickly retired from farming, sold all their machinery and equipment, and brought our legacy on the land to a close. With these radical changes, I continue to look for solace at the farm—the place I still call home—and contemplate what the future holds for the next generations of our family.
Sarah Christianson
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