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Portrait of USA 2020

Portrait of USA 2020, Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings
Portrait of USA 2020

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Mixed Media)    36 x 36 x 3    $10,000.00   

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Artist's Statement
Mixed media artworks Nimisha creates explores the varying relationships between past and popular culture by referencing contemporary society. Every image tells a unique story by creating visual links to history and reality. The portraits she creates have a new abstract identity, which emphasizes the cultural and traditional overlap, people around the world went through over the centuries. This overlap has made people extremely similar, irrespective of the varied physical appearances. Through her works she wants to encourage people to embrace cultural diversity and reduce the prejudice against groups based on color, race, religion, appearance and so on.
The piece "Portrait of USA 2020" is the United States as we see today with all the injustice happening to people of color. This piece portrays the current society we live in today with prevalent discrimination based on physical appearance. The piece also emphasises the part of our privileged society which stands against injustice and wants to make this a better society without biases.
Nimisha Doongarwal
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