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Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Paintings (Acrylic)   48 x 36 x 1   $1,800.00   

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Artist's Statement
The piece titled, ‘Insurmountable’ is an expression of how homeless individuals may see their situation, while at the same time showing how society feels about the situation. Each side's sensibilities are viewing the problem as Insurmountable. Homeless individuals spend most of their time outside, in the harsh elements. To visually exhibit this brutal way of surviving, I decided to meld an individual into the Matterhorn. I chose the Matterhorn because it is a well-known mountain and it is in Switzerland, which some would say is the Banking Nation of the Wealthy. The yellow bowl he is holding represents a sense of hope, of want. To amplify this sensibility, I inserted a wish bone inside the bowl. In the distance, on the side of the mountain is a City Skyline, in which silhouetted individuals appear, slowly waiting in a soup line. The work was made right before the Pandemic took grip of the country. The Pandemic and other current social catastrophes have further exposed inequities and a lack of any social safety nets.
Luis Garcia
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