Boots Riley

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Boots Riley

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Other)   16.75 x 24.75 x 2   $500.00   

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On the edge… Boots Riley
“Desire permeates the air and sets in your hair/The kids play with that one toy they learned how to share/Coming home don’t ever seem to be a celebration/Bills they piled up on the table like they decoration/Feel like laughing so it seems like you don’t give a fuck…/Feel like crying but you think that you might never stop”… from Boots Riley’s State of the Cinema Address at San Francisco International Film Festival where I have been chasing the screen, its shadows, silhouettes and celebrities for 30+ years in my ongoing project Portrait of a Film Festival : San Francisco International. Boots Riley is one of two photographic prints displayed here from that project. Rapper, film director and communist activist his concerns are with the people in the Bay Area who are living the de Young Open’s overall theme “On the Edge.”
Pamela Gentile
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