Honey Mahogany

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Honey Mahogany

Two-Dimensional Wall Art > Photography (Other)   14 x 20 x 2   $500.00   

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On the edge….Honey Mahogany
To quote Luis Bunuel “But that the white eye-lid of the screen reflect its proper light, the Universe would go up in flames.” That white eye-lid has held me in its grasp for 35 years as I tried to capture it, it’s shadows, silhouettes and celebrities in my on-going photographic project, Portrait of a Film Festival : San Francisco International. Honey Mahogany is one of two portraits from this project on display in the de Young Open. Carl Jung states “To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light”. Black, femme, queer, non-binary, activist, politician, drag performer, and singer Honey Mahogany exudes her own light and embodies the de Young Open’s overall theme found in a traditional Ohlone song: “I am dancing. On the edge of the world I am dancing.”
Pamela Gentile
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