Nqobani, Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art

Three-Dimensional Pedestal Art (Ceramic/Porcelain)   34.5 x 11 x 10  

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Artist's Statement
The human form has been an unending source of beauty and inspiration. I’m particularly inspired by the physical differences that characterize the diversity of the people surrounding me in the Bay Area. At the same time, I’m continually amazed by the similarities of beauty, strength and vulnerability that people of all cultures share. Nqobani, with her kind, proud, sweet face, is a small woman in stature with a powerful and gracious spirit. Working with her and watching her develop through the years has been a gift, and I’ve had the pleasure of sculpting her many times - including once with her lovely mother and once with her twin sister. My being is nourished by the desire and the challenge to materialize what I see and feel – to capture the essence of the individual in clay. Working with this lionhearted young woman has been a blessing for which I am grateful.
Tebby George
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